Seraph works with its clients to turnaround, relocate or restructure their business operations. Seraph brings experience in exploiting emerging markets and in product development. Read More

In a crisis, when the business is at risk or customers are distraught, it is not about the niceties of "the how", it is a total focus on "positive action" to identify the root cause, show customers that there is a credible plan and then execute.  Read More

Our turnaround and restructuring services are two sides of the same coin. Working with our clients to bring our insight and skills to deal with a performance issue or to prepare for a significant future event at a project, business unit or company level.  Read More

Consolidating or relocating manufacturing plants is a challenging task for which few companies our fully resourced. Our team has a proven track record of driving the rapid consolidation of complex manufacturing operations across international boundaries. Read More

Product development & launch is a complex cross functional undertaking that demands the highest levels of leadership. It is not a linear process, it is the net outcome of many processes, each with potentially competing objectives, performance measures and timelines. Read More

We wish to invest in manufacturing assets, together with our clients and partners, where the combination of  our core skills and fresh capital will offer a significant return over the short to medium term. Read More

Leadership In Delivery

Our team of operational leaders work on our client’s behalf to fix a crisis that is putting the business at immediate risk, or to turnaround a situation that is hurting the bottom line, or to restructure to grow in a changing market. we take a pragmatic and collaborative approach (when appropriate), working with key members of our client’s staff to ensure that regardless of the starting point we leave behind a team that will thrive.