We help enterprises more efficiently identify and understand the problems they face, then effectively solve them. Our consulting firm takes an action-oriented approach that reaches further into the heart of your organization’s challenges, empowering people and elevating strategy to reach higher levels of performance.

Experienced Execution for Challenging Enterprises

Experienced execution for Challenging Enterprises.

Seraph is a high-powered consulting firm that brings you fast-tracked access to the wealth of expertise that lives in our manufacturing industry veterans. We develop strategies to steer our clients through difficult projects, urgent crises, and periods of reorganization. Our team of experienced consultants consists of specialized subject matter experts and operations leaders to provide on-site support tailored to address your objectives.

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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve


Automakers must strike a balance between production capacity and unlocking capital for R&D to meet consumer demand.


As firms expand into new regions and launch facilities to support new product lines, managing construction complexities is critical to growing the core business.

Aerospace & Defense

In a sector where delays, cost overruns, product failures, and supply shortages can quickly bleed cash and threaten future prospects, vigilance must be sustained.

Diversified Industrials

In an increasingly specialized consumer market, it has become vital for industrial enterprises to shift focus from products to executing successful portfolio strategies.


Fluctuating demands, changing regulations and constant price pressure make it difficult to foster a culture of continuous improvement


Infrastructure construction projects rarely finish on time, on budget, and to original specifications, yet rarely are the challenges unsolvable.

Medical Devices

With an expanding product range adding complexity to supply chains, operations, and production, it’s critical to follow best practices.

Private Equity

Assessing the quality of a company’s assets, customers, labor force, and management systems is a difficult, multi-dimensional process


Recent policy changes have sparked growth. At a time when so much new production is ramping up, enterprises cannot afford to fall behind.

Warehouse & Logistics

The ecommerce-driven demand for warehousing and distribution has highlighted the need for processes to drive timely and efficient fulfillment.

Our Consulting Services


For a strategy to matter, it has to increase revenue or reduce costs - not just on paper, but in real life. Our planning is always execution-focused.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We’ve worked within a diverse range of companies, which keeps our assessments based in reality.

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Project Management

Deliver large strategic initiatives with confidence and authority. The Seraph consulting firm brings experienced leadership to keep a diverse mix of stakeholders engaged and on plan.

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Crisis Management

Our consultants come to the aid of struggling manufacturing and logistics operations with an extensive playbook of strategies to handle any situation.

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Restructuring & Turnaround

We bring insight, operational leadership, and tactical skills to bear when addressing performance issues and anticipating significant future events.

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Relocation & Consolidation

Seraph has a proven track record of driving the rapid consolidation of complex operations across state and international boundaries.

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