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We bring decades of hands-on, rigorous operational expertise.

Seraph works with its clients to turnaround, relocate, or restructure their business operations.

Our team of operational leaders work on our client’s behalf to fix a crisis that is putting the business at immediate risk, turnaround a situation that is hurting the bottom line, or to restructure to grow in a changing market.

We take a pragmatic and collaborative approach (when appropriate), working with key members of our client’s staff to ensure that regardless of the starting point we leave behind a team that will thrive.

Our Services


Crisis Management

In a crisis, when the business is at risk or customers are distraught, it is not about the niceties of “the how.” It is a total focus on positive action to identify the root cause, show customers a credible plan, and then execute.


Restructuring & Turnaround

Our turnaround and restructuring services are two sides of the same coin; working with our clients to bring our insight and skills to deal with a performance issue or to prepare for a significant future event at a project, business unit, or company level.


Relocation & Consolidation

Consolidating or relocating manufacturing plants is a challenging task for which few companies are fully resourced. Our team has a proven track record of driving the rapid consolidation of complex manufacturing operations across international boundaries.


Engineering Program Management

Product development & launch is a complex cross functional undertaking that demands the highest levels of leadership. It is not a linear process - it is the net outcome of many operations, each with potentially competing objectives, performance measures, and timelines.


M&A Strategy and Due Diligence

We deliver operational due diligence studies for investors in manufacturing assets. We help our clients fully understand opportunities and risks in a proposed business acquisition.

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Case Study
Capacity and Production Improvement


A Supplier was falling short of the contracted capacity requirement for its wiring harness products through its pre-assembly and assembly processes.  During a product launch, the OEM had to shut down production to wait for the Supplier’s wiring harnesses.

11 January 2019

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