We Don’t Just Recommend A Course of Action

We Take Responsibility for Making it Happen

Global supply chain, restructuring and manufacturing turnaround consulting firm Seraph improves enterprise strategy for its clients. Companies in the automotive, electronics, energy infrastructure, engineering, manufacturing, and medical device sectors turn to Seraph for crisis management, engineering excellence, equity and due diligence, relocation and consolidation, and restructuring and turnaround services.

Seraph’s team of experienced consultants consists of specialized subject matter experts and operations leaders to provide on-site support tailored to address each client’s specific objectives.

Your strategic partner

Your Strategic Partner for Outperforming TOMORROW

We bring the right blend of experienced leaders and passionate operators together to form optimized teams for client projects. We involve ourselves daily in solving problems from the frontline, targeting and shaping leadership, and leveraging our vast experience for hands-on execution.

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Execution Focused Strategies

Execution-Focused Strategies.

Our experienced consultants work to ensure you’re not just building your future, but succeeding beyond it as well. Our carefully crafted strategies are always focused on execution and driving real-world results. When appropriate, our team steps in to provide needed leadership and management capacity to move from plan into practice.

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We are Seasoned

We Are Seasoned Experts and Industry Veterans.

Our expertise is an asset for enterprises looking to launch, ramp up, expand and enhance their operations. With decades of experience in high volume manufacturing and supply chain management, Seraph is your strategic consulting firm for streamlining processes, improving capacity and creating the space you need to focus on the future.


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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities
with Seraph.

As an entrepreneurial company that supports new ideas, our consulting firm has a broad surface area of partner companies, internal business development initiatives and project opportunities, allowing our employees to develop their skills as they grow their role.

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