Crisis Management Services

Getting Back on Course.

When enterprises experience times of crisis, corrective action must be swift and decisive to preserve stakeholder confidence. In the absence of a real plan, reactive measures, buzzwords and hand waving often serve only to exacerbate the confusion and chaos. What’s required is total focus on positive action that addresses the root causes of the crisis with a clear, actionable strategy for customer protection, delivery restoration and profit stabilization. Time is of the essence, and any plan must include concrete, achievable steps toward execution and the swift reinstatement of stable operations.

Our Approach

Regain Momentum

We come to the aid of struggling manufacturing operations with an extensive playbook of strategies to handle any situation. When necessary, we place members of our crisis management firm in senior positions to manage on our clients’ behalf and contain the business risk. Our team develops strategies with clear deliverables, escalation procedures and goals which drive the project while your team focuses on running the business.

Our experience in crisis management has allowed us to develop transformations across four stages: Understand, Stabilize, Sustain, and Transition.



Once aligned on the objective, our process moves into a discovery phase, where we conduct a Rapid Plant Assessment that includes a detailed analysis of capacity, manning and planning. We evaluate the organizational structure, material tracking processes, production, logistics and quality processes to arrive at a comprehensive view of the current situation.



With a firm understanding of your operations in place, we immediately get to work protecting the customer, containing risk, and implementing critical KPIs with clear visual management. Our deep bench of operational specialists is deployed to isolate and address problems, create a detailed recovery action plan and cadence, and secure on-time delivery.



As operations stabilize, Seraph will help your team implement leader standard work and ensure that layered daily management walks become regular practice. Setting management cadence and installing key fundamental lean elements and tools, implementing training and establishing client management teams, we help you to build a culture of continuous improvement to increase profitability moving forward.



Once recovery has been achieved, we transition to facilitation and coaching roles until the new performance levels have become “business as usual” for the in-house team. We make every effort to capture and communicate the lessons learned from the crisis, celebrate achievements, and finally hand off the improvement program to your client team. Our crisis management firm leaves you equipped to anticipate future difficulties and meet challenges head-on.

Strategies for Protecting Profitability

  • Protect your customers and reputation.
  • Stabilize high-risk operations.
  • Quickly reduce costs associated with expedites.
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for key work centers.
  • Clarify your organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Enact improvement initiatives to guard against future instability.
  • Eliminate order backlog.


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