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Seraph provides diversified expertise, leadership and operational capacity across a wide range of verticals.

Knowledge and Experience at your fingertips

Knowledge & Experience at Your Fingertips.

Our manufacturing consultant firm draws from a deep bench of subject matter experts to build teams that answer the unique challenges of our clients and drive future success.


We bring years of experience in senior operating roles at automotive suppliers. With experts in quality, engineering, logistics and management, our team was built to quickly enact change under the most challenging of circumstances.

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We work seamlessly with construction engineers, project managers, contractors and suppliers. Our goal is to better equip you to enhance your day-to-day actions for lasting and ongoing success.

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Investment firms must exercise constant vigilance when entering into new deals. Our due diligence methodology has been developed across roll-ups for private equity as well as corporate consolidations, new market entries and carve-outs.

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From wind and solar manufacturers to nuclear facility construction and electrical grid operations, we work to enact meaningful improvements and increase capital productivity across the entire energy continuum.

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A&D is a constantly shifting landscape of government and corporate contracts, subject to uncertain levels of funding, timing and termination. We are your strategic partner for delivering projects that elevate your reputation.

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Manufacturers are vulnerable to raw material shortages, supplier capacity and quality constraints, production disruptions, and price increases. Seraph specializes in delivering complex and challenging manufacturing projects.

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Difficulties in this sector typically involve people and organization, which means that they can be identified and resolved. Seraph’s meticulous project management capabilities offer strategy and guidance for your most important projects.

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Our team of strategists are masters of planning, logistics, and industrial engineering, providing you with coverage against internal and external threats to keep you competitive in a market that demands rapid fulfillment.

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Stable growth in the medical industry has allowed new innovations and high profit margins. With decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing enterprises, We focus on expanding capacity while shortening the path to profitability.

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Seraph is your strategic partner for streamlining processes, improving capacity and creating the space you need to focus on R&D so that you can stay competitive in a rapidly growing industry.

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