Strategic Medtech Consulting

Bettering Best Practice.

Stable growth in the medical industry has allowed new innovations and high profit margins. With so many actors in the space, concerns of product quality, recalls or even lawsuits are frequent and not without reason. Expanding product ranges can wreak havoc on supply chains, operations, and production. It’s increasingly important to follow best practices, and in some cases develop even better ones.

Medical Devices BY THE NUMBERS

Medtech By The Numbers


Over $500B industry revenue in 2019.


annual growth rate.'


Medical device companies trade at 21.9 times price-to-earnings.'

A Shared Vision for your Success.

With decades of combined experience in high-volume manufacturing enterprises, Seraph is your trusted partner to expand capacity while shortening the path to profitability. Our medtech consultants are specialists of multiple disciplines who work together with your team to foster healthy, efficient flow from R&D through manufacturing and logistics - to product launch and beyond.

We tailor our services to the needs of your medical enterprise, providing insights and on-the-ground execution with budgeting, supply chains, operations, compliance and certification, technology transfers, and portfolio management, among other forms of strategic management. Working in parallel to drive timely results, we equip our medtech clients to navigate the landscape of a modern, dynamic industry that offers as many pitfalls as it does opportunities.

Our medtech consulting reaches far beyond simply launching products and improving productivity. Through active partnership, we strive to enable your organization to realize the full potential of your vision.

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more than $10M in operational cost savings at a medical device manufacturer.

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