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Considering Every Angle.

While a common reality in businesses, the majority of M&A transactions fail to create value. Every year, bad deals consume endless amounts of time, capital, and energy. Assessing the quality of a company’s assets, customers, people, and management systems is a multifaceted process that must be executed with the utmost rigor before committing. Slide-deck fantasies evaporate when faced with the facts. Synergies and add-backs forecasted by bankers need to be well understood, vetted against current realities, and revised accordingly. Strategy tailored to your appetite for investment and integration greatly increases the chance for post-acquisition success.

Our Approach

The Seraph Approach to M&A

Our merger and acquisitions consultants apply operations-focused methodologies to our mergers and acquisition work. The bulk of our firm’s experience has been from working within a diverse range of companies, which keeps our assessments based in reality. We leverage our expertise to help you develop strategies, conduct due diligence, and execute post-merger integration to enrich your enterprise. Through it all, we are completely focused on your long-term success and equipping you to outperform tomorrow.



Whether you are starting with a precise focus or a blank canvas, we partner with your team to develop a winning strategy and the action plan to get it done. We immerse ourselves in your company to develop an understanding of your vision. We use these findings to frame our research into potential targets, partners, and spin-out opportunities. As operators who have launched new facilities and joint ventures from the ground up, Seraph complements high-level analysis of industry dynamics, competition and market opportunities with on-the-ground attention to your daily activities.


Due Diligence

Inadequate operational due diligence prior to acquisition can lead to underperformance or costly litigation. Our methodology has been developed while supporting roll-ups for private equity as well as corporate consolidations, new market entries, and carve-outs. We build a ground-up understanding of the target by benchmarking systems for management, quality, finance, sales, safety, and logistics. Through assessments of core physical locations, we can provide capacity analysis and identify opportunities for improvement. When appropriate, we conduct interviews with employees, customers, and suppliers to assess cultural fit with your organization and vet plans for expansion.

Our rapid assessments fit your deal timeline and reveal red flags to provide unambiguous quantification of risks, allowing you to negotiate with confidence. When dealing with a potential target, we treat our investigation with the utmost sensitivity to protect the value of the business. Our work as an improvement-focused consulting firm provides a valuable cloak for preventing transaction hysteria. As due diligence partners, we are collaborative, effective, transparent, and efficient.


Post-Merger Integration & Spin Out Support

All too often, strategies remain only theoretical, intentions used to justify a purchase price, but never acted upon. Regardless of whether the plan was developed with us or not, we serve to ensure execution of your strategy. Our team provides the management support needed to move through ambitious objectives on tight timelines. Past projects have involved the development of uniform company standards, leading initiatives to improve EBITDA, among other forms of realization. We have launched facilities, relocated production lines and personnel, and overseen the closing of obsolete operations. Our engagement managers have decades of management experience, bringing swift and steady leadership support when you need it most.

Your Partner for Long-Term Success

  • Understand new markets and industries clearly.
  • Engage targets confidently with a cohesive operational strategy.
  • Proceed with a thorough understanding of the target based on expert analysis.
  • Realize your operational strategy and accelerate improvement timelines.
  • Avoid bad deals and overpayment.

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