Strategic Consulting for Private Equity

Plotting the Path to Success.

Investment firms must exercise constant vigilance when entering into new deals. Regardless of the seller, assessing the quality of a company’s assets, customers, labor force, and management systems is a difficult, multi-dimensional process. Having an executable transition plan is vital in protecting time, capital and energy. Strategies must address current realities while shaping the vision for future targets into a realistic roadmap. Once the deal is made final, every day delaying putting a new plan into practice represents money diverted from the bottom line.

Private Equity BY THE NUMBERS

Private Equity By The Numbers


Seraph clients’ average ROI exceeds 5X, and our teams typically pay for themselves in 6-18 months.


Our team has moved over 200 production lines without a single missed customer shipment.'


Our leadership has decades of COO-level experience, with billions of dollars in past profit and loss responsibility.'

Seamless Planning and Execution.

Seraph offers due diligence methodology that’s been developed across roll-ups for private equity as well as corporate consolidations, new market entries and carve-outs. Providing support across the entire lifecycle of a deal, our experienced private equity consultants are both rigorous and innovative in everything from theme exploration to post-close implementation. Clients are able to leverage our rich operational experience to quickly realize their strategic vision.

As your flexible strategic partner, we tailor our private equity consulting to fill operational gaps and maximize the value of your business. We act as a seamless extension of your firm, or when appropriate take an outsider approach in order to protect vulnerable relationships that may exist during a period of change. Through it all, we remain focused on equipping you to outperform tomorrow.

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