Program & Project Management Services

Deliver Today, Outperform Tomorrow.

A company's ability to deliver large strategic initiatives determines its growth trajectory. Launching new products or into new markets requires coordination at scale. However, the complexity of such projects often leads to unforeseen hurdles that must be understood in the context of company culture, management practices, fluctuating supply chains, and a dynamic market. Effectively delivering on projects and programs designed to elevate an enterprise means knowing what to do when the inevitable derailments occur. Transformational strategies developed through project management consulting only become meaningful when translated into real results.

Our Approach

Experienced, Disciplined and Honest Leadership.

Successful project management requires an experienced team executing on a clearly defined strategy, supported with all necessary resources. Regular, transparent communication and real-time data monitoring is required to stay on track and moving forward. Seraph brings experienced leadership that keeps a diverse set of stakeholders engaged and on plan.



The Seraph management consulting team works collaboratively across disparate teams to diplomatically resolve conflicts and deliver superior products on schedule, within acceptable cost. We have worked with international teams and hundreds of engineers to provide cross function support. We thrive in strategy building, sourcing decisions, product roadmaps, customer negotiations and platform investments to execute your vision. Projects we have supported span due diligence for merger and acquisition, launching new customer development initiatives, helping companies convert from regional to global engineering and from high cost to best cost engineering. We are well versed developing product strategy and technical road maps to drive growth.


New Product Development

Seraph’s NPD approach is based on rapid learning and modeling of both product and process, delivering a program that moves quickly through a series of steps that activate thinking and help gain understanding. Traditional workshops take weeks and sometimes months to accomplish this; Seraph, using tools like 3P, have condensed this process into as little as 4-5 days. Our projects have resulted in as much as 20% reduction in manufacturing costs and 40% reduction of capital costs. We operate cross functional teams that evaluate and converge upon optimum solutions at the assembly, sub-assembly, component and manufacturing process levels. Our deep manufacturing leadership experience bridges costly gaps in communication, helping your organization achieve smooth handoffs as the product moves toward industrialization.


Construction Projects

For many companies, construction is a means to an end, not the core business. The tools and systems used to operate a manufacturing plant, logistics warehouse or energy facility do not effectively transfer to the management of disparate contractors, suppliers and government permitters. Seraph acts as the owner's representative, or even project manager for large construction projects. We use steering committees and an on-site office to keep all facets of the work moving forward. Tracking progress, turnovers and the critical path from a “war room” is the fastest way to resolve conflicts and minimize surprises. Simple systems and tangible milestones are the cornerstone of how we manage complex operations.


General Portfolio & Project Management Consulting

Our subject matter specialists have experience as program managers, continuous improvement managers, global quality leads and much more. We are comfortable working as an extension of your organization to ensure your most ambitious projects are managed effectively and efficiently. Count on Seraph’s honest appraisal, clear communication, and tactical management to keep you informed and on track.

Results-Oriented Project Management

  • Receive clear reports from professionals who leave no stone unturned in monitoring performance and progress toward the desired outcome.
  • Gain access to a team of senior Seraph COO-level professionals who can quickly problem-solve and answer critical questions.
  • Stabilize high-risk operations.
  • Protect your customers and reputation.
  • Free up time to focus on company strategy while Seraph manages the tactical day-to-day.


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