Restructuring & Turnaround Consulting Services

Transitioning to Brighter Prospects.

When a business is no longer viable, swift and confident action must be taken to preserve remaining value. Turnaround strategies can be as simple as improving the performance of a facility through the implementation of robust management operating systems. More dire situations require dramatic changes including liquidation of facilities, consolidating footprints and discontinuing underperforming product lines. The most important first step for a restructuring & turnaround consulting firm is to grasp the core issues and clearly understand the available options given the available financial runway. Solutions must be carefully tailored to address the situation and plot a path forward.

Our Approach

Leading the Way through Critical Challenge

We bring insight, operational leadership, and tactical skills to bear when dealing with a performance issue or preparing for a significant future event that will impact a project, business unit, or company. Seraph's restructuring and turnaround consulting leads companies through facility footprint optimization, supply chain realignment, inventory days on hand enhancements, manpower calibration and payment term adjustments, often resulting in positive cash flow in the millions.

With honesty and transparency at the forefront of everything we do, we begin every engagement with a thorough assessment of the situation to determine if the likely outcome is worth the investment of our clients’ time, money and resources.



Keeping customer focus in a firm moving through the bankruptcy process is essential for preserving value for creditors. Our restructuring consultants have decades of experience identifying and separating segments that can be profitable from those that cannot. The difference between on-paper approximations and the reality of day-to-day operations can be millions of dollars. Seraph’s focus on production and delivery systems operates on the principle that clients have a responsibility for outcomes, not just strategy.



A turnaround requires tremendous amounts of energy and focus to execute. The scale and level of risk means that each day counts. Tensions build when a dramatic new strategy is introduced, and our team’s objective view can keep the focus on the challenge at hand, without the complications from years of being entrenched in the old business. Seraph engagement managers and turnaround consultants have led transformations as executives in industry as well as projects supporting our clients as consultants.

Strategic Transitions for Future Success

  • Operate from an achievable business case using measurable KPIs.
  • Protect your customers and your reputation.
  • Fortify operational systems and management procedures to position for future growth.
  • Realize projected financial savings and goals quickly.
  • Preserve value of key operations.

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