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As strategic consultants operating across a dynamic range of industries, we make it our business to stay current with emerging trends and best practices for leveraging new technologies. This collection of articles and case studies illustrates the adaptive and diverse nature of Seraph consulting.

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Are you prepared for another Black Swan event?

Are you prepared for another Black Swan event? As the world supply chain tightens and inflation rises, industry leaders may ask themselves what..

Semiconductor shortage hammering automakers, costing billions in lost production and sales. The Washington Post.

The global shortage of computer chips continues to hammer automakers, forcing factory shutdowns and sapping sales and profits, with mixed views..

An Assessment of U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness and the White House 100-day Supply Chain Review


Fortune: German automakers develop early warning sign

"Inventory became a four-letter word," says Ambrose Conroy, founder and CEO of consultancy Seraph. "The whole JIT supply chain depends on..

Consultants must provide a positive ROI, quickly.​

Companies invest in consultants to develop strategies and provide very high-level recommendations to improve their business performance. Many..

Trend Report: Automotive Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditures are used to increase operational efficiency, prepare for future projects, and increase revenue long term. 

Business Insider: The Ever Given crisis puts mega ships under the spotlight

Global shipping vessels are larger and more automated than ever before, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing operating costs within..

Industry Today: "Made in USA" Renaissance

The increasing frequency of "black swan" events such as the semiconductor shortage and Ever Given incident have prompted a closer look at..

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