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As strategic consultants operating across a dynamic range of industries, we make it our business to stay current with emerging trends and best practices for leveraging new technologies. This collection of articles and case studies illustrates the adaptive and diverse nature of Seraph consulting.


US federal government takes first steps to revive American pharmaceutical manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the United States’ dependence on a mostly foreign medical supply chain. With shortages of PPE and generic..

Align Phase part two: Preparing for capacity consolidation

The financial health of auto suppliers requires a focus on cash flow for the next 12 months

The State of Cashflow in the Automotive Supply-Base

Recent OESA analysis confirmed many of the concerns expressed by OEM, Tier 1, and industry..

Align Phase: Preparing for capacity consolidation

This marks the first article covering Seraph's 4-part MOVE methodology. Click here for the overview.

Meet the team: Todd Murray

Meet the team is a series by Seraph, where junior team members lead conversations with senior Seraph consultants to learn from their experiences. 

The automotive supply-base is ripe for capacity consolidation

The State of the Automotive Supply-Base

Recent OESA analysis of the automotive supply-base confirmed many of the concerns expressed by OEM, Tier..

Building a competitive advantage with data

You need more than data to win... You need a strategy!

Early lessons from China's return to work

At Seraph, we are focused on preparing companies to return to production after lockdown. To get a better understanding of the Chinese approach we..

Results from the North American Manufacturing Survey

Seraph's North American Manufacturing Survey gathered responses from more than 50 manufacturing executives on how the current COVID-19 pandemic is..

As states reopen for business, employers must deploy aggressive containment procedures

Comprehensive supply chain monitoring can help navigate coming months of rolling closures

Parts of the United States are lifting restrictions on..

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