Struggling turnover rate with operators? Setting up your production staff with great results

September 23, 2019

Though they are not the face of the company, production staff are at the heart of every manufacturing industry and are critical to the success of your business. Inadequate training for your operators is a recipe for failure.



  1. Begin with an inviting onboarding process

When starting a new job, your operators should be competent, but they most likely will not know the exact process their job requires. Let them know that is okay and that they should feel encouraged to ask questions.

You also want to create a sense of unity between your worker and your company, and when onboarding a new employee, you can create that connection in several different ways. You can outfit an operator with company branded clothing and goodies, assign them printed name tags, the possibilities are endless. The main point is that you want them to feel like they are a part of the team from Day One.

  1. Involve New Team Members in a Comprehensive Training Process

This is not a novel idea, but the consultants at Seraph have recognized this as a common problem for operators in numerous organizations.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs), visual work instructions, and walk-throughs with experienced team members all contribute toward a thorough training program. Without proper training, you cannot expect a consistent outcome from your production staff.

Seraph’s consultants have successfully reconstructed several companies training systems ranging from their SOP/SWI to the training structure that lead to the staffs’ success!

  1. Establish Communication Channels from the Production Staff to all Departments

Dr. Deming, an innovative mind in the manufacturing industry said it best when he detailed that for a company to operate at its optimal level, it must break down the communication barriers between all departments. That they must all work together as a team to solve day to day issues as they all have their hand in the same pot of their company’s success.

With proper alignment from management to the production staff, it creates an environment where everyone recognizes themselves as a key piece to the puzzle, resulting in continuous improvement and potentially an overall decrease in staff turnover.

  1. Lead by Example

One of the easiest ways to motivate your staff is to lead by example. With all eyes on management and how they react to adversity, is what your production staff will reciprocate. If you expect motivated employees and outstanding quality, you must reflect it back to them every day and never expect anything less from not only them but yourself.




The idea that employees must be trained is not complex, however simple does not always mean easy. With a full schedule it is often difficult to find the time to introduce or enforce a proper training system for your organization and this is where Seraph can help. With our team of experienced consultants, we can help you create a training system that works for your organization.

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