As our consulting company has grown, some aspects of our activities have taken on a life of their own. Ops Onsite and ProductionNet operate as standalone businesses while also supporting Seraph with capacity and capability when the need arises.

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Seraph utilizes this roster of talent to supplement production teams and execute goals. Ops Onsite is highly experienced in managing production, logistics, and key projects across a range of industries. Our operations professionals take a tactical approach to planning and seeing initiatives through to completion, offering additional management and supervisory capacity on the shop floor to deliver on even the most ambitious projects and timelines.



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Cloud-Based Process Performance Software.

ProductionNet’s unique Total Loss Overview (TLO) contextualizes performance, downtime and quality defects across the operation - using drill-down, drill-up functionality for fast problem solving investigations across work centers. Our team pulled from decades of operations management experience to build ProductionNet with the tools and purpose-built dashboards to help you make effective decisions more efficiently. The web-based software requires no IT integration, and work centers can be configured in minutes. As situations change, our flexible solution allows shop-floor management to add a new downtime and defect codes, unconstrained by technical ability.


Seraph Partners & Capital Ventures

Investing Strategically in Emerging Opportunities.

Throughout our business activities, we are constantly looking for situations of distress where we can put our expertise and capital to work. Seraph takes voting and controlling stakes in companies, based on the needs of the company and value we can add. Separately, Seraph Partners, the family office of our CEO, seeks out opportunities to invest in emerging ventures. We take a founder-driven approach to investing, and look for people and partners who operate with integrity and possess conviction around a new insight.


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