Todd Murray
Engagement Manager

Todd Murray brings over 24 years of experience in the Automotive industry. In his time prior to Seraph with Behr Dayton Thermal Systems and Faurecia Seating, he managed Global Program Quality across 33 countries and realized over $20M in cost savings annually. He has deployed multiple global training programs for cross-functional teams and established Daily Management processes that improved OEE and PPM by 18% and 42% respectively while reducing rates of absenteeism and scrap production.

Todd studied and received his B.S in Electrical Engineering from Wright State University in Dayton. He now develops Seraph's advanced production and tracking tools, as well as leading projects for Restructuring, Operational Improvement, and Process Standardization.

Areas of Expertise: Team Development, Supplier Quality, Advanced and Internal Quality, Engineering & Development (GD&T), Operation Management Control, Supply Chain Management, Program Management.


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