Warehouse & Logistics Strategy Consulting

Historic Gains and Growing Pains.

Ecommerce continues to grow at an incredible double digit clip, and the pandemic has only strengthened this trend. The resulting explosion in demand for warehousing and distribution facilities has highlighted the importance of streamlined processes to drive timely and efficient order fulfillment. While industry giants Amazon and Walmart continue to invest heavily in R&D for logistics software, robotics and automation, the floor-level warehouse worker remains an essential piece of the operations puzzle. Managing employee churn through expected and unexpected fluctuations in demand must also be considered when establishing robust systems and processes that keep enterprises growing amidst the chaos.

Warehousing BY THE NUMBERS

Warehousing By The Numbers


annual growth of warehousing & storage worker headcounts.


Ecommerce companies need 1.2 million square feet for every $1B in sale.'


4,000 warehouses have been built in the last decade.'

Building Processes To Outperform Tomorrow.

Seraph’s COO-level leadership brings decades of experience to help you build operational playbooks and execute on tight deadlines. Our logistics consulting work focuses on developing a culture of continuous improvement, implementing KPI trees, and coaching foundational frontline leadership to run world-class operations.

Our team of specialized strategists are masters of planning, logistics, and industrial engineering, providing you with 360-degree coverage against internal and external threats. Our far-reaching practices include redesigning layouts and improving processes to get the most from existing footprints. Our warehouse and logistics consultants also promote proactive load management to keep costly fire-fighting to a minimum. Our priority is equipping enterprises to meet customer processing commitments while freeing up more resources for developing new services, offering value-add activities and rolling out automation initiatives.

As your trusted strategic partner, we’re not here to uproot your entire business model. Rather, we take the time to learn your vision and the strategies you’ve adopted so that we can help capitalize on your strengths while laying the foundation for future growth.

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